About us

Polymath Learning Institute, founded in 2016 has celebrated 4 years of steady growth. What started as a need for an education that offered lessons for students who needed help in strengthening their foundation and passing the SEA system, has evolved into a Private Primary and Special Needs School that prepares children for life and not just for an exam.

Over the past years, we have found that the ideal classroom for us were small class sizes. Classes where the subjects are engaging, students debate, and have an enthusiasm for the topic. We wanted teachers to be a balance of young and experienced educators who are open-minded, progressive, and believe in the potential of every student.

Polymath Learning Institute follows the local Trinidad and Tobago Curriculum model but with a different teaching approach.

Our dedicated staff enjoys the variety of its pupils. We attempt to ensure that our pupils feel at ease and that the grounding formed here will be memorable throughout their lives.

Annastasia Sookram
Polymath Learning Institute